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My name's Rachel, I'm 23 years old and I've been obsessed with The Sims since 2010. I love Maxis-Match and bright colours.

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I have my interview for the Estate Agent Job tomorrow AND Clinique have emailed me to say they’d like to see me for an interview, as well!

I’m so excited right now. Life is finally looking up! :)

So… I got to meet some gorgeous Golden Retriever puppies tonight.

Omg look how cute they all are! I wanted to take one home with me.

The school was closed due to the snow, so Nixie and Rosa decided to build a snowman.

Eevee will do anything for a bit of attention.

"You’re as handsome as ever!"

Happy Birthday, Coy!

He looks really impressed.

Rosa is such a bad ass.



1. - This is a great guide and will provide you with all the information about Plant Sims. You need to have The Sims 3 University Expansion Pack in order to plant one.

2. I have all EPs and SPs apart from Sweet Treats, 70s, 80s and 90s and Movie Stuff. I will complete my collection one day soon. :)