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My name's Rachel, I'm 23 years old and I've been obsessed with The Sims since 2010. I love Maxis-Match and bright colours.

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After a workout at the Gym, Rylie was feeling super confident and Monique was feeling a little ashamed.

  Anonymous said:
How do you get your lighting so bright indoors in the Sims 4? The lighting is just so dim in my sims house, I was wondering if it you used a mod. :)

  Anonymous said:
how do you edit your TS4 pictures? I'm so desperate, none of the sharpening settings I used for TS3 is working amlzskdj

www.picmonkey.com - Your best friend. (And mine, haha!) The beauty with the screenshots from TS4 is that they don’t need too much editing. I just mainly play around with the saturation and curve tool. :)

  Anonymous said:
is your real life house as bright and colorful as your sims' houses are?

This is such a cute question! I still live with my parents, so it’s not my house. When I do move out, though, I plan on decorating it with similar colours to the ones I use in my Sim’s homes! :)

The next morning, the girls were still bummed out about the house fire. Yet another reason I love The Sims 4 - The emotions feature.

Meet Monique and Riley. Monique is an aspiring Artist and Riley is going to be a Collector. Their first meal in the new house didn’t go too well at all.

  Anonymous said:
You need to put an ask box on your personal blg


  Anonymous said:
Hello, I saw that you have a Mac and you're playing Sims 4... I tried downloading it in Origin but it only have for PC. How are you playing it? Thanks!! I want to play this so muchhh!!

Hello Anon. :) I’m playing The Sims 4 on my Windows laptop. I am considering Bootcamping my iMac eventually, but EA might be releasing The Sims 4 for Mac anyway. So fingers crossed for us!